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Bright Light
Presentation & Communication Coaching

I work with people in a wide variety of professions to help them with presentation and communication skills.  I use my training and experience in theatre backed up by research to help people identify their strengths and objectives and unlock their own authentic communication style to find confidence and freedom.  Whether you're looking for guidance refining your message, to voice and speech, to ease in social situations, I can help!

At its core, this is really positive and affirming work, and my goal is that people should leave feeling empowered and with real actionable tools that they can rely on.  In-person or video chat sessions, or group workshops are available - Please send me a message to discuss working together! 


"I had the privilege of working with with Chloë while I ran for office — and what a gift it was. Chloë  has a powerful way of helping others find their passion, their voice and their centre. For me, working with Chloë brought clarity and focus at a time when I really needed it. I’ll forever be grateful."

 - Kate Graham, Liberal Party Candidate and Huron College professor

"Chloe brings a special combination of professionalism, kindness, expertise, and humour. I've been part of other workshops on the same topic, and found her approach truly refreshing - the focus is on the person rather than the technique; it's not about pretending to be a good presenter, or adopting methods we historically associate with authority figures, it's about finding the qualities in yourself that make you more confident, more focused, more relaxed, and more able to communicate what's important. It not only made for a great experience, but also created results I could see immediately in my team."

 - Erin Kawalecki, Partner and CCO, Angry Butterfly

"I have to tell you that the advice Chloe provided was so beneficial and one that I reflect upon frequently whenever I have to engage and interact. It truly assists in becoming more inwardly at peace and with one's inner confidence, while exuding it to others and making others feel comfortable with one's presence."

 - Zeba Hashmi

"Chloe is simply a delight to work with. Her personal and friendly demeanor makes one feel comfortable and at ease while being coached. Chloe understands your goals and makes a plan to reach them."

 - Mimi M., New York

"Chloe has a very interesting, different, and distinctive way of approaching "presentation skills coaching". Her approach was not what I usually expect from a presentation coach, she has a very different approach that is super refreshing, and it gave me much more confidence in myself, my team, and my skills. But what I really enjoyed, is her theatre/acting background which added such a different layer to my presentation skills and had an immediate change in the way I present my work."

- Amr Elkouedy, ACD/Art Director, Toronto

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